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Chiropractic Treatments & Therapy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Talarico Chiropractic Clinic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides chiropractic treatment and therapy to help relieve your pain. From acupressure to the Palmer techniques, each chiropractic treatment and therapy method is modified to ensure you get the personalized care you need.

Palmer Package
The oldest chiropractic treatments are the ones from the Palmer College, a school of chiropractic care. First, X-rays are taken to determine the source of your pain.

Once Dr. Talarico knows where the pain is coming from, he uses this selection of chiropractic treatments to adjust your spine to alleviate your pain and adjust your health. These techniques are easily adaptable to best suit your needs.

Trigger Point Therapy
Trigger point therapy, or acupressure, is a non-force chiropractic treatment that releases built up pressure on the pressure points. Once the pressure is released, your health greatly improves and your muscles begin to heal.

Get rid of your pain with the non-force chiropractic treatment you need. Acupressure is great for treating injuries from auto accidents, as well as work-related injuries.

Your Therapy
There are a number of chiropractic therapy techniques used at our office to relieve your pain:

Electrical – Using Electrodes on Muscles to Get them Moving, Working, & Feeling Better
Exercise – Getting Your Muscles Moving to Help with Your Muscles' Range of Motion
Spinal Rehabilitation – Adjusting Your Spine to Alleviate Your Pain